What Will you do?

Supposedly You are going to retire at age of 75 and you found out in your 20s that I am Going to Retire With 1000000 in my hand… What Will you do? Please Share Your Views in the Comment Box and If you Don’t know that Then Please press Like And If You are New […]

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I need Answers

Hey Everyone, I want to ask you a Question…. Can You Get Motivated through this Picture Which is Just Showing Numbers Nothing Else? Because I can Find Lot of Motivation Through this…. If You feel the same then Please Comment Down your Views On it… And If you Can’t then like the post… Thanks and […]

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Doubt on time

Most of the People in the World Say that “They Don’t have time” But what they meant about this… and Why People think that… Do you have any Reason To say that? And if you have, Please Comment Down your Views And yes If you like My blogs Do like , Share and Subscribe My […]

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Why these Questions

Hello Everybody Today I want to ask all of you whosoever is reading this I want to ask you Question Whenever You are seating idle Have you asked yourself “Who are you ?”. Because whenever I am sitting alone A question always crosses my Mind ” Who are you and What you want to accomplish”? Please Comment Down […]

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