Re-dream to Re-live

Hey Everyone,

day Before Yesterday I asked One Question ” What will you do When you in your 20s found out that You are going to retire with 1000000 in hand?

I got Many Responses through Whatsapp and Facebook and Instagram, Some said That They will Crystilize their thoughts Later and

Some Said That Why do you want to think now in these uncertain times?


You Know People who are in their 20s just dream about a Dream car, dream job, dream house 

which they wanted till their 40s. 

But what after your 40s when your retirement is getting closer to you? This is the point where People Stops Thinking About their retirement life. 

And this is the Point When my Approach to re-dreaming and re-living Starts… This is the Point Where you need to Introduce Yourself To the Concept of re-living… 

This is the Point Where You need to Explain Your Mind and inner you that I am Going to re-live my life (Be ready).

re Living your life and re-dreaming Your Dreams is like Wishing well where you just need to write Your wish on a paper piece of Your life and Just Get Into the action…

Because of these Small things 

 A man with white hair on his head and a lady with prayer beads mala in hand will get a reason to Smile Again…

I will Like to End With One Quote Which everyone should once read

You Started Living , When You Started Climbing the ladder of Dreams,

You Started re Living, When your eyes Started re-dreaming

Siddhant Bansal

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Thanks and Regards

Siddhant Bansal

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