In this world, the things which are happening nowadays Are being Controlled By Influence… Influence is a power where the things of your life will change, Influence is an emotion wherein you think less about the consequence but more about the decision because someone has Influenced you to do that because you will get the […]

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Desi SuperPower

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back to my blogs Today’s Post is Going to be hilarious ,Where You going to know one Superpower Which only Indians Posses no one else in this world does have that Power.. And One Weapon Which Every Indian Girl or Women Have… Do Enjoy My Post! CRAZINESS PART – 3 Superpowers With […]

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          Hey Everyone, Welcome back to my blogs I wanted to this post with one Question, if you have answer to this then please comment down below Have You ever thought can you become a doctor without any doctorate? if you can then how? and if you not then my friends […]


About My blog Series

Hello Everyone… 2 days Before I declare and Going to start New Blog Series Called Time as Motivation… So First of all We understand What is the meaning of Blog Series… Blog series Means that You Discuss your Experiences and Share Your Experience on one Topic But have Different Experiences With different Intentions So With […]

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You know What Happened?

So I was walking in the Garden I Noticed that one man is Following me? But You know It happens During the walk Because of the same Walking Path. You feel that people are following you but they are not. Continue  So I continued Walking  2 Rounds done! But Still, the Guy was Following me  […]

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Who are We?

Who are We people? Why We are Fighting for a small piece of land? Why we Are Fighting for Knowing Who is Better? Why we are Fighting for Who is Poor Who is Rich? Because are We different From others, Because We want to show the world that we are the greatest person in the […]

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Why these Questions

Hello Everybody Today I want to ask all of you whosoever is reading this I want to ask you Question Whenever You are seating idle Have you asked yourself “Who are you ?”. Because whenever I am sitting alone A question always crosses my Mind ” Who are you and What you want to accomplish”? Please Comment Down […]

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Mind and Experience

Mind is the most Powerful Thing in this World.  But do you think that Our mind is the Reflection of Yours… Yes its true but we don’t realize because we did not make our mind thought about it and Sometimes I feel That what is the usage of mind if we don’t want to use.. […]

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