In this world, the things which are happening nowadays Are being Controlled By Influence… Influence is a power where the things of your life will change, Influence is an emotion wherein you think less about the consequence but more about the decision because someone has Influenced you to do that because you will get the things you always dreamed of…

But can we take Influence as a Motivation?

The answer to this question is, it depends on the person how much person is being influenced whether it would be negative or positive. Influence can be thought of as a base of the motivation wherein the different People of positive mindset share their experience of life or the share the moments what did they do to overcome that same situation where you are today…
Influence has different meanings, different prospects, different Plans to motivate you. but Influence can take you to the path which you deserve in your life or it can take you to the path which you have not thought of in life

Influence Cannot be existed till the Convince doesn’t start to play its role

By Siddhant Bansal

To be Continued…

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