Changed Definition of Learning

Today the Definition of Learning has been changed.. Today If we go and ask People What is Learning then they Say that ” The Bookish Knowledge Which you have Grabbed in the School, Colleges, and Universities and ready to apply in the real Life is called Learning”

 Today People Don’t know the real Definition of Learning Because they never taught what is Learning Every Single School and College in today’ s time they say that Learning is the Techniques to Learn Your books that’s it.

There are many Reasons for this But one of the main reason is ”RUSH”. Nowadays Whole World is In rush and they don’t have time to learn New skill, Learn new art because of their work they Don’t have time. They just do the same Work all the time and doing same Work Every day has become the new Culture. and could not See the change in their Routine life…. Which has become the most Important Aspect In today’s life.

And Doing the same Work Every day makes them Frustrated Humans  Which has the major effect on their Mind, and Their Relationship.

Learning is an Aspect Which can be applied everywhere anywhere in the world and it’s Our duty to learn That art.

Because you Never Know when Your learning can Give You fruits.

People don’t want to learn they Just want to apply Without learning… Because Nowadays People do pretend like that they Know Everything in this World and they are the genius in everything and result of that is They just give start Distributing the fake Knowledge and Dumb People take Their Advice and apply it and then they Suffer loss…

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