Solution For Fear is Fear

Fear is an Emotion that Directly comes from the heart…Fear Occurs because We have that Emotion to Lose Something, to Lose Someone, to get Beaten, to lose… and no one in this World Would want this to happen…

Fear is one Such Emotion where the Most Confident Person in this World Will have That Fear ” am I doing Good or not, Or Will Audience is Connecting or not” and Because of this he or she Will lose his Confidence…

But you know Every Situation has Two aspects

Similarly Fear Also has… Have You Ever Thought that Fear can be used Positively… I don’t think so

You can use Fear to manipulate Someone… and You can use Fear As a Tool of Motivation…

To manipulate Someone You need To learn the art of acting… Acting is a Skill Which helps you to Manipulate Someone Very Easily… and in case of fear this art is very beneficial as you need to enact Confidence and Confidence is one such thing which everyone judges first… You need to tell the Story or lie In full Confidence and that Will Change Your Situation…

and this Confidence will remain Always With you…but the thing is a lie is a very Complicated thing this cannot be used all the time…and Should not be used all the time…

Can We use fear as a Tool Of motivation?

Yes, we can use Fear as a tool of motivation…In the Situation of Fear, the person Speaks or Writes Anything and Everything out of the Topic but That’s Not the case….the Main root of the problem is that at that point of time that person is in the least Confident Stage Which makes that Person To Everything Out of the Topic…and the Solution is Calmness… The calmness Is such an Element in our Mind Which helps the Brain and heart To tell you What Exactly your path is… and the calmness is Something Which Everyone can have it…

So the Conclusion is that Fear is just an Emotion That needs To be treated to Move Forward in life…Positively take Fear then see How Your life will become…..

                ” Fear Does not Prevent Death, It Prevents Life “

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