The First “R” of life

You Know Today we people of the 20th Century have Not been able to Understand Our Goal because We Have not been Thinking like that, Because Our Power of Thinking depends Upon What We Experience. 

In Everyone’s life, these Phases are Important Which should occur in Our life so that We People Could understand where we are lacking, Which can help us To become What we always Want to become… These are 3 Phases Which Everyone should Experience once in a lifetime.

1. Realize

2. Restart

3 Revolutionize

These are the 3 R’s which helps to decide the person what changes want to have in them…

 but what is realize

is Realization an action,? or it is an emotion? 

Well, it is both which is performed by inner you…We People Today Don’t know the Process To change That is the Main Problem…We Can Think of a change in our brains but we don’t execute the change because we have never realized what that one change and bring to us? Because We have Never Experienced the change. The word realization has the power to change the whole world…

            But we People Never Thought of Realization and We never change.

If, Today You want to change You need to realize First What change is a must for Ourselves. Because Nearby people will Stop You to Change Whether it Would Be your Friends or Your Classmates or Whether Your Teachers, But It Should be Your Decision to change….

Because You are going to make your life not others

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