The 3rd “R ” Of Your life

some of the people will think how this phase is important… some will say this is bullshit,

Some Will say there is no meaning to have experience of this phase because it is not worth…

Because we people never want to see a revolution in ourselves as we people want to become the person which has been created by our mind, not by inner us…

Now you will be thinking what is the person which is created by our mind… You Know your mind has the power to control you, Your mind has the power to change your decision, So why not Mind can Create you…???

      Today The person we are experiencing is the Person Which is     

                                       Created By Our mind…

Today, We as a Person do not have Symptoms like courage, Confidence Clarity, Cause, Challenging, because the mind has not made us like that. Today we are dealing with symptoms like Stress, Scare, Shady…

all this is happening because your mind is controlling you not you are controlling you.. we as a people never have asked ourselves which is your inner you what we want for that Revolution is a must.

we People need to understand the inner you to have a revolution in you… Because he knows your capabilities and your mind does not, and it’s your mind who makes you think 100 times before doing that work and create Pictures of 100 Possibilities in front of you…

that is why the phase of your revolution is a must in you, You Won’t grow until

unless you stop listening to your mind over your inner you…

Your Mind Will Stop You 10,000 times but it Should be real you How You want to

become not your mind with possibilities… 

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