The Story of a men Who Believed in God and Himself

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Once there was a farmer. He was a Hardworking man who was also a Hard believer in a god. The Farmer used to earn the money through farming on others’ farm and was very happy whatever he earns through his work… and People in the village used to call him the specialist for growing the eggplant and bottle gourd so People of the village used to call him only for the farming… So he was Famous and the people of that Village were very happy with the results wherever he had done farming. So because of his work he has many friends in the village.

During the Summer day, he and his Friends were Sitting under the tree and were doing a fresh bottle gourd juice party… So while having a chit chat his Friend ask him “You are earning so much through farming why don’t you just buy your farm and start Farming over there?”  The farmer replied “ I will never buy the farm ” His Friends asked ” Why So” He told ” I will ask you one Question” and He asked one Question to all his Friends Who were Sitting there “ If I Buy the farm will it be the price of my hard work Or it will be gifted by the god? His friends got confused and gave Him two answers ” Some said That why are you thinking so much it is an Obvious Thing whatever You are Earning You are Earning for Yourself and From that money you are going to buy the farm so it’s Your hard work there is no role of the God, Simple” And Some Replied ” Obviously it is because of the god because whatever the work you are getting it is because of the god, Simple” Farmer Got Confused and told Everyone to change the Topic 

But there was an old man who was sitting under the next tree where all they were Sitting and Was Listening to all their Talks Suddenly he Speaks “ Your Answer for the Question is Both” Everyone Start Looking for the Voice Where it is coming from? His One Friend Said 

 That Old Man is Speaking ” Everyone came running to him and told Him ” We never Saw You in this Village are you new to this Village ” Old Man Replied “ I am From Nearby Village, I just came To know that there is a Specialist of bottle gourd and eggplant So I came to meet him, ” Farmer’s Friends told Old man By Pointing out towards the Farmer “He is the Specialist Growing Bottle Gourd and Egg Plant ” Old Man Replied ” Oh! You the Question Boy ” Farmer Replied ” Yes, I am the Specialist” Old man replied to him “ I like to give you the Answer to this Question ” 

Farmer Replied “Sure Why not ” 

Old Man Gave him the Answer “ The farm you are going to buy will be because of the hard work and will be the gift from the god as well…

Farmer Replied to Him ” I am Not able to Understand it?”

Old Man replied to him ” The farm which you are going to buy will be the gift from God and will also be the Price of your Hard work. Now You must be thinking how come I’ll tell you… you Know What happens is that the things which you are going to grow in the future are already set up by the god itself and it’s your hard work which makes it Fruit… So if you will buy the farm ” the vegetables you are going to grow will already be given by the god to you and now it’s your hard work and which makes it a vegetable to it…

Farmer With a happy Answer told Old man “ I am Going to buy the farm Tomorrow itself (and all his Friends became so excited for him.

Conclusion of the Story

The things for you are already being decided by God, it is your Hard work Which is going to make that thing into the Diamond…

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