Re-dream to Re-live

Hey Everyone, day Before Yesterday I asked One Question ” What will you do When you in your 20s found out that You are going to retire with 1000000 in hand? I got Many Responses through Whatsapp and Facebook and Instagram, Some said That They will Crystilize their thoughts Later and Some Said That Why […]

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          Hey Everyone, Welcome back to my blogs I wanted to this post with one Question, if you have answer to this then please comment down below Have You ever thought can you become a doctor without any doctorate? if you can then how? and if you not then my friends […]


The Second ” R” Of life

The Next Phase Of life Is Restart  You Have Learned This Word Many times In Your School Days, During Your College Projects…  But Did We Experience This word in Our lives… Never, Because We People Did not create Tendency to Understand the meaning of the “Words“.  You know We People have Great minds, We do have […]

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Life After Break

This Pandemic has Some or the Other Has Given the Break To our Life and Because of that Most Of the People Has Understood Their Inner Soul and Also They are trying to Adapt Different Things…. Regards :- Siddhant

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Who are We?

Who are We people? Why We are Fighting for a small piece of land? Why we Are Fighting for Knowing Who is Better? Why we are Fighting for Who is Poor Who is Rich? Because are We different From others, Because We want to show the world that we are the greatest person in the […]

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Why these Questions

Hello Everybody Today I want to ask all of you whosoever is reading this I want to ask you Question Whenever You are seating idle Have you asked yourself “Who are you ?”. Because whenever I am sitting alone A question always crosses my Mind ” Who are you and What you want to accomplish”? Please Comment Down […]

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