Re-dream to Re-live

Hey Everyone, day Before Yesterday I asked One Question ” What will you do When you in your 20s found out that You are going to retire with 1000000 in hand? I got Many Responses through Whatsapp and Facebook and Instagram, Some said That They will Crystilize their thoughts Later and Some Said That Why […]

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Motivation Through Numbers

Hey Everyone, Today I had shown you this picture: Many People Don’t turned up but no worries, I was Expecting that only answer only, because How will someone get motivated through numbers they need a reason to feel motivated… So Here ‘s how you can get motivated through Numbers… Enjoy the post and Do it […]

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I need Answers

Hey Everyone, I want to ask you a Question…. Can You Get Motivated through this Picture Which is Just Showing Numbers Nothing Else? Because I can Find Lot of Motivation Through this…. If You feel the same then Please Comment Down your Views On it… And If you Can’t then like the post… Thanks and […]

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Takiya Kalam

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back to my Blogs, I hope you are doing good and are safe and healthy in this post You are going to know the Unique habit of WE INDIANS Which You have Never Heard and never Experienced of. Enjoy My Blogs… Today I am Going to talk about takiya kalam, a unique […]

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Desi SuperPower

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back to my blogs Today’s Post is Going to be hilarious ,Where You going to know one Superpower Which only Indians Posses no one else in this world does have that Power.. And One Weapon Which Every Indian Girl or Women Have… Do Enjoy My Post! CRAZINESS PART – 3 Superpowers With […]

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The 3rd “R ” Of Your life

some of the people will think how this phase is important… some will say this is bullshit, Some Will say there is no meaning to have experience of this phase because it is not worth… Because we people never want to see a revolution in ourselves as we people want to become the person which […]

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