Desi SuperPower

Hey Everyone,

Welcome Back to my blogs Today’s Post is Going to be hilarious ,Where You going to know one Superpower Which only Indians Posses no one else in this world does have that Power..

And One Weapon Which Every Indian Girl or Women Have…

Do Enjoy My Post!


Superpowers With Indian family and Indian Girls

Do you Accept Yourself as a Superhero… and If you have Power Like Superhero’s Then I have a Task For you! 

Can You make Relatives in Other Country or other State Without Any Relation But Somehow You have relation??

If yes Then You are Indian because this Power is only with the Indians No-one Else Dare to Do it…

Yes, You Read Right! We Indians Have Power To make that happen… I mean this is beyond craziness but yes We Indians can do that no one else can do that in the world… If someone except Indians can do then Please Comment We Indians can somehow find relatives over there also :]

The second Craziest Thing In India Is that a Girl, Women can make a Brother to Anybody in this World Because Of the Weapon Called “Rakhi” in Hindi We Boys, men called this as ” Ramban illaj ” for girls…

This is Weapon is used in India by Indian Girls. Ladies, and Women’s for Converting any friend of your in school, college, or in office can become your Brother..

Yes, This Craziness Can Happen in India also… But what is the reason behind all This? the reason is that we Indians believe in our culture and Sanskriti which says that People Living In this World Is one Family…

So if We go Technically then Tom Cruise and Hrithik Roshan can Become My brother (hahahahahah) Just Kidding!

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And Still 2 Days to go more fun crazy things are coming up in this series please do read it..

Thanks and Regards

Siddhant Bansal

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