Importance of a ”?”

Hello people, I am just a normal guy who have thoughts to be shared with you all so lets get started I just want to ask some Questions to all of you and if you have answers please comment. I will feel very honored if you have answer for this. because I couldn’t

What is the value of a simple “?” in our life, why this “?” Arises in Our life, Why Some people don’t have answers for this “?” which is being Raised in our life. Just because Are we Dumb People because we don’t have answers for this “?” According to me we are dumb because we are so creative that we get confused what’s need to be done and what not. We are so dumb that we have so many ideas but we cannot apply it because of the fact no one hold your hand when you can walk by yourself. We are so dumb we trust everyone and the people use you like packet of chips and through you out of your life. We are so Dumb we cannot plan the things and walk, because we don’t need to plan the life.

Question mark in life is very much needed because “No one Will for something without a reason , No one will work without a reason “ Because everyone has a reason.

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