Relation of Expectation and Slavery

Let me ask you a question what according to you is Expectation and why Everyone in this world is dependent on it? and if he or she is, then why everyone needs to work for it? this question arises in my mind when I was giving food to my dog. Today morning when I was doing breakfast then tom came up to me and started licking my foot and i asked him ,what do you want? He then rush to his house and came up with his food bowl in his mouth? So I thought lets have some fun and tease him.. So what I told him That if you want food you have to dance for 15sec so he Started dancing. I started laughing loudly. When he dances then the atmosphere of our house gets changed. After this was over I gave him the Most favorite food of him that is chicken.

You see lot of people do these kind of Stuff and Nowadays the expectations of people are getting higher and higher and in place of that People make them work very badly..

I can give you one more example of this as you all know I am a hotelier and in hotel there are no fixed working hours when the manager of an department says “yes”  then we leave.

 so here what happen is that employees doesn’t have their personal time where they just relax.

They are just running to get a better life in the future where they just relax.

At the end I just wanted to say is that Expect something which you deserve and become slave for someone who value your expectations.

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