Future Cannot be predicted

I Predicted that no one will answer about their future or goals because of a one Saying which is famous all around the world is that Yes or no

Because of the mentality which we have been seeing is that they will steal your ideas and you won’t get succeed in life.

So What is Future

Is it a vision or is it a image which shows where we see ourselves in Next five years?

No it is not vision nor it is a image which shows where we ourselves in next five years. Future is our dreams which we try to see which we try to accomplish but couldn’t be fulfilled, Because future is something which can cannot be observe in our real life why? because of the circumstances , because of the situation which is out their in real life.

Future is not predicted because our goals changes with our situation.. I’ll Give you my example I am commerce background student and in nearby future I was not expecting that I will choose hotel as my carrier. Yeah I was passionate about the travelling and photography and all that stuff and also I was Planning to do course for company secretary or Charted Accountant? But You see my life takes a road which had taken me to the road of my passion. And now today I am successful Hotelier So life changes you may never feel my life is going in a right direction or not .

So you see We all are normal humans and no one is perfect in their life so you don’t need to predict the future just focus on you present.. See Future is not being seen by anyone and specially me I am also Not interested in seeing future.. You just need to enjoy the life. Because We all do have is ” One life”

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