What is our problem?

What is meaning of our life if we just cant’ treat a normal people like a normal people. They have everything like they have skills, they have feelings , They are motivated, They Have brain , They know how to express

So what is the problem with us , Why we all want to show our over smartness why we want to show the attitude towards the people who are not strong people as you are

This was my best lesson of my life if we support people and trust then they will not hurt you.

I start with a Story of my friend

This is the story which shows the true meaning of This Quote

There was one boy named Raj and He was an Extraordinary boy. He was very good in studies and sports. And his main MSP  was that he was very good in logical reasoning  and Problem solving and according to some of the teachers in school he was a HUMAN CALCULATOR  he can solve one in 2 to 3 minutes. He and I were very good friends. But There’s one Catch he was mute (vocals were disabled) so because of that , students used to tease him ”Gunga Gunga” (mute person) in school. Because of that He does not have many friends in school. One day during the winter season he stopped coming to school I thought he must be fall ill because of the winter season. 3 days gone but he didn’t turned up…..6 days gone but Still he not turned up, because he was not coming to the school our class teacher stopped calling his name during our attendance and because he didn’t turned up since 1 week sooooo….why waste energy by calling out his name. 2 weeks passed …now I thought something is wrong… So after Finishing up my school I went to his house and I saw him sad and Disturbed sitting on a rocking chair outside of his home in the verandah so I rush  to him and by seeing me he said ” Only you are my best friend” Through his language of fingers  I replied ” Because You understand me and I understand you “

So I asked him softly why you are not coming to the school  he replied ” I cannot speak and I am  one of those Dumb  people who don’t have any feelings and we also don’t have any religion  I Am Among 44% people who  does not belong to any category and not being treated like a normal person or not being given Normal Job and because this disability we  get jobless and we die like this only”

Don’t put your life on hold so that you can dwell on the unfairness of past hurts.

By Nick Vijucic

 So I gently asked him the question ” Do you know which people are the most self motivated people In the world ”  He said ” Disabled People, They are the most self Motivated and most influencing person of the world” After listening to this He highly get motivated and start coming to school and the student who used to tease him, He gave them reply  by becoming the topper in the State and gave them a lesson ” The people who does not know the meaning of respect then they did know the meaning of Motivation Success “.

 Why I am telling you this story because In this world There are places or there are Institutions where they does not have security for this type of people and also they are also not being treated as a common people and also as a hotelier I also seen this type of problem being faced by the disabled because of they get dishearten and goes in the depression and start feeling that they are Hopeless for their family… I have only one thing to say that god has made everyone equally talented and According to him every people in this world should be treated equal.

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And enjoy your life.

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