Voice and It’s Heroes

 The characters of Voice Shows the nature of Yours. Voice of Yours can also tell the capability.. These are the characters which are helping to express Your thoughts,

laugh, anger, politeness and sad You must be Knowing them, You must be experiencing them.. they will remain with you all your life. These are the characters which Shows the world Who you really are.. What type of person You are becoming and what you want to become. These characters Influences the life of Yours and because of these You can Express something Which you always want to.

But Why these Characters of Voice are so Important

1. Laugh– Laugh is very cheerful character and she always calms the mood of Everyone and this character plays a very Important role in life. We need Laughter In life because It helps You Improve. It helps to Improve your soul and creates the positive surroundings around you (supportive friends, Good relations, Positive Attitude)

2. Anger- It is said that it is the biggest enemy of an Human but it is not ,Anger is kind of a character where  you can just Express the feelings which was Inside You Since many days and was Disturbing You for many Days. Anger can make you   Improve and can also help you to find out things which makes you angry and You can work upon.

3. Politeness-  It is character which holds Your relationship… If You don’t have Politeness Then no one will Stand With You because it is being Founded that Politeness is the First step Towards Making a Good relationships with Your partner or with the friends and Family. Politeness Also shows the Inner Gesture of Yours and also Your thinking Towards other Person.

4. Sad – It is the character which Spread the most negativity in this world. But it is not true because according to one research it is Find out that the person with the sad mood is in the most Active Stage and brain runs very fast. And nature of sad is like that it helps to motivate the body and brain very much.. And once You get motivated then you are near to the Success.

These are the characters of Voice which are making your lives cheerful, motivated, Respective. Voice Of Yours is the most Powerful Thing in this world. It gives You Promise to speak When you have to.. It has the power to change something and It has the power to promise Something, It has the Power to Stop Something..

Don’t Feel Unsupportive Don’t Feel that I am Hopeless In my Life…Because Your Voice Will be With You always.

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