It is Just a Pen!

Have you ever thought what would happen if pens and pencils will just vanished for one whole day.

I don’t want to see that day coming…Not I’m only the one who don’t want to see that but everyone in this world Don’t want to see That also Do we know how much Pen is So important in our lives?

Actually we don’t.. We Just consider a pen a piece of plastic which helps to write something…..Even Google also Consider the same thing. ” Pen is one Equipment in the whole world Which can Write All the languages of the world.

If Pen the was not invented then we could not Write our life, We cannot move forward in our lives , We Could not have Done Primary Schooling , We could not have done The high Schooling , We could not have Do the graduation,  ” If the pen was not being Invented then we would have Never Passed”

According to one research Its being Founded that 1.6billion Of pens we just Throw It away  Because We just don’t need them We kick them out from Lives in the dustbin.

Why I’m You Telling this because  We are so Busy in Our lives That we Just don’t value small things Which are Helping us To make Us Strong. We are not valuing small things which are making us better and better day by day. We are not Valuing Small things which are helping to Innovate something . We Ignore these small things because We had Made our Mind Train Or develop like this . And We often say In our minds “That these small won’t change my lives” But they do.

So  It’s very Important the value of small things Because “They are making you a person Which Might get fruitful for someone else” They are helping ” You to earn Something in life”.

Think of it! and Enjoy Your life

By Siddhant Bansal

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