Mind and Experience

Mind is the most Powerful Thing in this World.  But do you think that Our mind is the Reflection of Yours… Yes its true but we don’t realize because we did not make our mind thought about it and Sometimes I feel That what is the usage of mind if we don’t want to use..

Mind is like a newborn baby it should be cared like Our mothers Took care of ourselves.. And it Plays a very Important role in our life. Mind is the way which helps In assuming , Imagining the real World… and if Your mind is not being prepared now.. Then in future it is being happened that Your mind will never Allow you to Experience and it in future will control Yourself To Explore New things..

 It is Not Our fault that our mind is not being trained what we were expecting it is because our lives have became fast and Adapting the fast culture is very difficult for mind to adapt because of less Experience your mind will run slow and it make you work slow.

Because of the experience you will do work according to your experience what you had before.

Mind is the best Source of storing your Experiences and  because of these experiences the Mind flows The positivity in Your life.. and because of that your thoughts became Positive and then your reflection becomes the positive.

And Your thoughts in your mind matters in real life because if you can’t run your mind then it will slow your life speed.

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