Motivation Through Numbers

Hey Everyone, Today I had shown you this picture: Many People Don’t turned up but no worries, I was Expecting that only answer only, because How will someone get motivated through numbers they need a reason to feel motivated… So Here ‘s how you can get motivated through Numbers… Enjoy the post and Do it […]

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I need Answers

Hey Everyone, I want to ask you a Question…. Can You Get Motivated through this Picture Which is Just Showing Numbers Nothing Else? Because I can Find Lot of Motivation Through this…. If You feel the same then Please Comment Down your Views On it… And If you Can’t then like the post… Thanks and […]

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Takiya Kalam

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back to my Blogs, I hope you are doing good and are safe and healthy in this post You are going to know the Unique habit of WE INDIANS Which You have Never Heard and never Experienced of. Enjoy My Blogs… Today I am Going to talk about takiya kalam, a unique […]

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The main Aim of Time (blog-1)

This is my first Blog of My Newly Introduced Series “Series of Time” So please do read it.. Have You ever thought that Time can have different abbreviations That have many full forms like  1.Things I must experience 2 Things I must earn     THINGS I MUST EXPIRENCE There are 760 crore people in the […]

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Hello My viewers… So the thing is that for 2 or 3 days I was Feeling very Low the Whole day and I was not able to Work Properly so By making Some Excuse I just Went Home Early and Changed my clothes and then Just Went for a Ride…While I Was riding I try […]

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The most Valuable Thing is Paper

Do you Know the Most Valuable Thing Which We have Given to the Ourselves is What?  It’s paper….you Won’t believe me but yes today’s Paper is the Most Valuable Thing Which We have Created and using it Still today… But How We Get Motivated From A Piece of Paper? paper is the thing we use […]

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Like, Share, Subscribe

Hello Viewers This is my First time where I am Sharing my thoughts on such a huge Platform… And also People liked and Subscribe also… But People don’t comment on my blogs , So because of this What happen is I could not connect with the people. And if I don’t Connect With the People […]

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You know What Happened?

So I was walking in the Garden I Noticed that one man is Following me? But You know It happens During the walk Because of the same Walking Path. You feel that people are following you but they are not. Continue  So I continued Walking  2 Rounds done! But Still, the Guy was Following me  […]

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Mind and Experience

Mind is the most Powerful Thing in this World.  But do you think that Our mind is the Reflection of Yours… Yes its true but we don’t realize because we did not make our mind thought about it and Sometimes I feel That what is the usage of mind if we don’t want to use.. […]

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