The main Aim of Time (blog-1)

This is my first Blog of My Newly Introduced Series “Series of Time” So please do read it..

Have You ever thought that Time can have different abbreviations That have many full forms like 

1.Things I must experience

2 Things I must earn 



There are 760 crore people in the world and Each one of them has to enjoy life. No one in this world should just sit in one corner of the world if you Start sitting alone in one corner of the world then You can’t make the memories which you deserve and also You Start getting Frustrated with Everything You have all around. This behavior can affect your future and this attitude can also Hurt people around people.

 See Time is the thing which can make you good as well as make you a kind of person who may be not liked by all the people which will make you very weak in terms of emotions. Or the time can make you a person which other people did not expect when they first met you. So the Experience Which You gained in all your life can make You better Person With time and after the good memories, the Good Time Will never make You thought about bad times Which you have faced in Past.

The second full form of TIME is which Everyone must take it Seriously in life Because this Abbreviation is an advice and today all the people Are just Running for it 


but what this means? Today Whatever You are learning is Your Earning. It is True Today Whatever You are learning you are Earning Knowledge Which helps you to develop as a person today Whatever Work you are doing You earning Money for that. Today if You help somebody You earn respect. Today If you give love You Will earn love. These are the things Which Everyone must earn so that you can have balance in your life and that balance Will make you a person which Everyone Will always cherish. And That person will be the Happiest person on this planet.

And these things Will always Be with you till you don’t die.

So what I am trying to say is that

God has Gifted TIME to Everybody…What we need To understand is that How We can Study TIME and once If you Understand TIME nothing is Impossible for you in this Life…

By Siddhant Bansal


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