Indians are Crazy

Hey, Everyone For the Next 5 days, I’m Going to tell You about funniest things about Indians which every Indian will agree to it… and this is going to be very Interesting so please Like, Subscribe to Blogs And More this kind of interesting things are going to come up…  

I’m 22 Years old and with that much Experience of People can Become Whatever they wanted to… 

So with that much experience, I can at least tell that what are the Funniest Things About Indians… Every Indian Family Knows very well and they do like that…

So let’s begin…  

                            Craziness Level 1

We have Solution for Everything in this World

If any Indian Is reading this he/she might be knowing the meaning of a Hindi word which is very common it’s called “JUGAAD” If you know then Please Like This Blog… We Indians have Jugaad For everything means We have a solution for everything but you must be thinking what’s funny in this? We Indians have a solution for everything… I tell you one example Which You have Never Heard of it ” The Journeys are in trains are very boring but if we travel with a Group then it becomes the best Journey of life… But If Indian travels alone then he will not get bored because We Founded the Jugaad For that Same thing Which is called Antakshri and Dhamsharads… Because Of that An Journey with an Indian Becomes Memorable…

Antakshri Scene

So you See We Indians are very jugaadu We have Solution for Everything, Whatever it is

So If You have Experienced something Like this Then Please Comment Down below…..


I am writing this Blog For Fun and I am Not Writing this blog with any intention to hurt somebody or Someone’s Culture or caste, If Anyone Feels Hurt Then saying Sorry In Advance…

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