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Welcome back to my blogs I wanted to this post with one Question, if you have answer to this then please comment down below

Have You ever thought can you become a doctor without any doctorate? if you can then how? and if you not then my friends you are Wrong!



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     We Are Doctors Without Any Doctorate Degree…

Now You Must Be thinking, How can a person become a doctor without any doctorate?

 Well, this is possible in India Because We Indians are Crazy (hahaha) For the proof You Need to try this Because Until Unless You Won’t Try You Won’t Understand Why Indians Are Crazy… And Yes If any Indian Agrees to it then please Comment Down your views…

As I said In the Previous Blog That Indians Have Solution For Everything Similarly Indians Have Medicine For Everything (Desi Dava) you know Whenever you visit INDIA after this pandemic and you stay in an Air BnB You Don’t Need to Go to the Hospital Because The Family Will Already Have Doctor Within their family you just need to tell them your Problem They Will Give Desi Dava For Anything…

Man selling traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine on a streets, Ayurvedic medicine is a form of alternative medicine which dates back to 5000BCE.

Sometimes I just so Laugh About this that how can we have Treatment for Everything in this Country…

I just wanted to say one thing (WE INDIANS ARE LITERALLY CRAZY)

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