What a Shot by elephant and what a dance by Horse

Hey Everyone,

I hope You are doing good and are safe so this is my last Chapter of the Series on India and Its craziness..

Enjoy the Blogs…and Try to Read it full


    I want to Start This Blog With a Question and these Question is for all those People Who loves animals or Who have pets in their house like dogs, cats, birds etc…

Do you love cats?, Do you love dogs?, Do you love to feed birds?

Everyone from Which ever Country you are from will say yes because they are cute and loving and caring…

But the next Thing Which I am Going to ask you, You Won’t agree to it That I think I am Definitely Sure and If not the Comment Down Your Views on it…

Do you love Cows in your Houses, Have you Played Cricket with Elephants, Have You ride on horse or have you danced with horse…

You People Won’t believe it but this Miracle can Happen in INDIA and Because We Indians are Crazy but We are Crazy in their Love Which they give to us and second reason is that They are our Gods… and We Indians as I said Before Won’t Destroy these animals in which Our Gods Lives…

Elephant Playing Cricket.

As You can See in this Video Where an Elephant Playing Cricket in India and This Make Me think How Much India Is Crazy and Funny…

you can See This Kind of Craziness In India Only not in other parts of the world…
Here in India, you can see a Variety of Miracles, Craziness, Families, and Many More things Which you have Never heard.

Horse Dancing with Rhythm of the Dhol

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Thanks and Regards

Siddhant Bansal

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