Takiya Kalam

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Welcome Back to my Blogs, I hope you are doing good and are safe and healthy in this post You are going to know the Unique habit of WE INDIANS Which You have Never Heard and never Experienced of.

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Today I am Going to talk about takiya kalam, a unique things which happens with Indians. the meaning of the takiya kalam is that a person repeats one word after finishing Every sentence when he speaks.

and regarding to that Many Incidents has happened to me and I am Sharing one of them…

This One of the Takiya Kalam of Famous Indian TV show “Taarak mehta ka ulta chashma”


I have Uncle of Mine he has some Unique Thing In Him, He has a habit that he Repeats a word after a Every sentence. At that time I was not knowing the meaning of Takikya kalam (Catch Pharases) But then I ask him why you repeat the same word after every sentence you Speak… He Replies beta ye mera takiya kalam hai badhshah “son, This is my catch Phrase BADHSHAH”  Then he told me what it is…

One Incident happen to me with him only That

I asked Him What work you do? Business Or Service 

He Told me  I work In textile Mill  ,

I asked the name of the textile mill… He Repeated “Mira Badhshah”

I asked Where Is Mira mill Badhsha” He Repeated  ” not Mira mill Badhshah Its Mira mill Badhsha”

So I repeated “I Said That Only  Mira  Mill Badhshah”

He said in an Explanation tone ” Mira is the name of the mill and Badhshah Is my Takiya Kalam

We Both Started Laughing ( Hehehehehe)

We Indians Are Crazy…

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Siddhant Bansal

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