Who are We?

Who are We people? Why We are Fighting for a small piece of land? Why we Are Fighting for Knowing Who is Better? Why we are Fighting for Who is Poor Who is Rich? Because are We different From others, Because We want to show the world that we are the greatest person in the world. Or because We are the Strongest people in the world.. Are We not Equal?

Is the difference Between us has been Created by us Or the Difference just pop out like Popcorn…

Why we cannot live in the world of Peace

Everyday Whenever I read a Newspaper the Whole Newspaper is Full of news on Land Disputes, Bomb blasts, terrorism, and Government Intervention and the Result of that is the people Who want to live Peacefully because of the fight between two Groups can’t live… And when They get Arrested, because of the money they get bailed and The process of War still goes on!

No one created the World like this! it is us Who has Created because we all want to show the world that we are the Strongest in the world… Supposedly You have been declared one of the most Strongest Country, City, Or men Or women after that what Will you do?

you have gained a lot of fame… You have Gained Lot of money after that What?

You will have “NO”  Answers and you die one day.

So What is the worth of doing the war…What You Get By killing 100000 people?

In today’s time, No one knows what they want to do? In today’s People are just doing Battle With Each other Because they Have Not been able to do Something in life… And Also They Don’t want to do it because they have been treated like that only from their birth… 

So it is Very Important to know what You want to Accomplish In life if you don’t realize Soon then You have To face the Outcome 

No one will guide you to your destination it is you who have to make the path To your Destination… 

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