You know What Happened?

So I was walking in the Garden I Noticed that one man is Following me?

But You know It happens During the walk Because of the same Walking Path. You feel that people are following you but they are not.


 So I continued Walking 

2 Rounds done!

But Still, the Guy was Following me 

After completing 2 rounds of a walk I decided to ask Him! But before I ask …He asked me ” IS THIS your Wallet”  I replied “Yes” 

 and I am Kind of short Tempered Person So I Got Angry and Asked Furiously to him “ How it is With you? “ 

Everyone Gathered around and Starting Murmuring around “Is it a Thief”

 And Because of that The man Got Scared and in Scare Voice He Replied ” When You entered the park the wallet fall From Your pocket and to give You back I was Following you Nothing else! “

When he told me this

I Started Feeling Guilty and Said “I am Sorry, I Started Judging You based on your Cloth Which you are Wearing ” Black T-shirt, torn Jeans 

and You also Belongs to the low caste ” Just Because based on this I started Judging You and The situation gets worse.

After this Incident, I Pledged that I will Not Judge People based on Clothes, Color, or His/her lifestyle…

God has Gifted A mind to us where you must take care of him and make him Learn to become Positive… all this Drama Is because of our Mind What we have to Make Him learn He will make us Do as well So because of this What mind does is, He will Make us Judge About that Person Who We are going to meet soon. and If he is Not What We Were Expecting then We Ignore him and Start Judging him based on all these things.

Don’t Judge People Because They are Just Different From You.. Judge those Who are making You

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